Untitled First

Been thinking of having a blog since I love to write and express my thoughts. But I still don’t know how to start and what to post because finally, I have a blog! I’ve signed up on Tumblr a few times before but I kept on forgetting my username and password. And I was like, I will post for some consecutive days and then I will be busy on something so I won’t be able to post again until such time that my blog will be out of my mind. And once I’m not busy again, while scrolling through different social media sites I will remember to open my blog but unfortunately… I already forgot my username or otherwise my password for that account. I’ll be desperate to write a new post so I’m going to make a new account and then I’ll be busy again and I bet you know now how it goes.

So the other day I was literally doing nothing, decided to open my laptop and search for any accounts or links of the now-so-famous other half of AlDub, Maine Mendoza. And minutes later I found myself busy scrolling through her blog. I’ve read that she was using wordpress.com! (And I was like “Oooh! I so want to make an account now!”) Because I found out upon reading her posts that we have a lot of similarities.

Last night I made it! My account here in wordpress.com 🙂

And this is my first post. But I’m sooooo sleepy, so bye for now! Tata!


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