Lizards. Pumpkin. Goose.

The other night we watched the new Cinderella movie. And one of my childhood dreams came into my mind again.

I’ve already watched different versions of this famous fairy tale and it never gets old. It’s like one of the stories that a child learns first. And let’s admit it, childhood won’t be complete without knowing these fairy tales.

Watching Cinderella in cartoon version when I was a child, I wasn’t fascinated by the “love” thingy. All I fancy was how the fairy godmother turned the animals and the pumpkin into a carriage and coachman and footmen, especially her dress and the very classy glass shoes! Since then I always dreamed of having a shoes like hers. I dreamed of wearing a glass shoes when I marry someday. I imagined how will it feel wearing a shoe made of glass.

But the last few years, jelly shoes came into the market industry again. And so I thought that the glass shoes can be possible through the form of a jelly shoe. ‘Coz I bet it will hurt so much if you’re going to wear a shoe made of real glass. It won’t fit nice to your feet and the probability of it to break while you walk. Ouch!

“This is perhaps the greatest risk that any of us will take. To be seen as we truly are.”

“Have courage and be kind.”

How inspiring. And yea, who doesn’t want to be seen as who they are? It feels good to be accepted just the way you are.


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